Pissed Regardless “Imperial Cult” Review

Pissed Regardless
“Imperial Cult”
Creator-Destructor Records
Released : October 19, 2019

To say this record is venomous would be a serious understatement. Naming yourselves Pissed Regardless comes with a certain standard. And that standard, I tell you what, is reached. Nay surpassed.

Pissed RegardlessIn other words; holy balls this is an angry album. Energy in abundance. Wrath. Rage. Call it what you want. I wouldn’t want to be the guy that pissed in their cornflakes, though.

This is a viscous display of metallic Hardcore. There are obvious nods towards D-beat bands like Tragedy without really sounding anything like them. If that makes sense. Sure it does.

The opening seconds of “Three Decades” are crushing. And there is no real letting up the rest of the way though, either.

Straight up aggression on every single track. I play this in my headphones when I have somewhere to walk to. As a result, I’m crushing my speeds and arriving early. For once. If I had a gym membership, my arms would be bulging out of my shirt.

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Ten tracks in 26 minutes and 50 seconds. And can we talk about that cover art! Beautiful.

The final track, “Hell Is Coming With Me” screams of Tragedy. Or Wolfbridage. Maybe its the calm guitar segment with the spoken overtone beginning. I think that’s it. The snarled vocals over that same guitar maybe. Or perhaps the way the words “fuck your modern world” are spat out. (I fully agree, by the way)

The only downside is that this track leaves me wanting more of the same, but instead leaves me with the hiss of white noise instead. All good. That’s what the repeat function is for.

For Fans Of: Converge, Hatebreed, Terror

01. Three Decades
02. Halls Of Hate
03. Bleeder
04. Dark Disciple
05. Behold A Pale Horse
06. Dichotomy
07. All Bets Are Off
08. Castrated
09. Maniacal
10. Hell’s Coming With Me