Saliva “Every Twenty Years” Review

Every Twenty Years
Released: May 7, 2021

Tennessee rockers Saliva dust off some of their better known older cuts, and throw a slightly new spin on things with Every Twenty Years.

Most everybody into hard rock knows Saliva’s 2001’s smash hit, Click, Click Boom, and twenty years later, it has been re-recorded once more. The title is a take on the album name that produced the hits Click Click Boom and Your Disease – that album, of course, being Every Six Seconds.  Also included, is a new rendition of the Grammy nominated Your Disease. Like Click Click Boom though, there really isn’t much to write about, as the song remains practically unchanged. Five of the six tracks here are newly recorded versions of older songs, featuring the same approach that appeared on the original recordings, minus the vocals of original singer Josey Scott.

If you’re familiar with the original material, then you’re basically familiar with that found on this recording too. Its a nice trip down memory lane, jogging memories along the way. Musically, these tunes are mirror-images of the source material. Vocally, this is very, very similar to the original cuts as well. New singer, same sound. I suppose the biggest question mark that is brought up here, is why? Why did Saliva feel the need to enter the studio to bring back twenty year-old tracks. At least offer up some new material to go along with this package.

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After nearly 15 years, Saliva parted ways with original vocalist Josey Scott. In 2011, Bobby Amaru stepped in to fill the roll, and since then has worked hard to put his own stamp on the Saliva sound – old and new material alike. “In the 10 years I’ve been with the band, I’ve realized how strong our fan base really is,” says Amaru. “I wanted to do something for the fans for embracing me with open arms. Fans have asked me all the time if we ever thought about recording some of the old hits with my voice. I’ve sang those songs enough that they have become an important chapter of my life. What better way than to revive this album with an EP to mark the 20th anniversary?”

Honestly, there isn’t a great deal of difference between the original cuts and these fresh recordings – besides the vocals, and even then, Amaru and Scott are similar enough. Perhaps the diehard fan will notice nuances in sound, but the uninitiated to the Saliva sound would recognize the track and probably not even be aware that what they’re hearing is a new version of an old earworm. These versions are carbon copies of the originals – which makes me question why they are needed? The cover of Soundgarden’s Spoonman is cool and all, but there are very few singers than can equal the genius that was Chris Cornell – Amaru, admittedly, does come close.

In October 2019, former vocalist Josey Scott announced on The Morning Dump podcast that he planned to reunite with Saliva for a tour and a new studio album. This was confirmed by guitarist Wayne Swinny in an interview with Detroit’s WRIF Radio, adding that although “there’s nothing on paper,” the reunion should take place from 2020 into 2021 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Every Six Seconds. In addition to Scott rejoining, Swinny also suggested that former guitarist Chris D’Abaldo may also be taking part. In January 2021, it was announced that these plans were put on hold due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Are we to expect two singers? If nothing else, this is all very confusing. 

This six-track re-recording can be had by way of pre-order right here. Although, it would appear that only digital copies are available. Perhaps vinyl and compact disc copies will follow in the future.

For Fans Of: Trapt, Drowning Pool, Puddle Of Mudd
Track Listing:

01. Your Disease
02. Click Click Boom
03. After Me
04. Greater Than / Less Than
05. Spyhunter
06. Spoonman