United Snakes “United Snakes” Review

United Snakes
“United Snakes” 7″ EP
Little Rocket Records
Released : May 15th, 2019


Every once in a while, a new band will pop up and demand your attention. That is the case here with United Snakes. The brain child of The Creepshow guitarist, Chuck Coles, and featuring members of Gallows Bound – these Snakes really rattle. And hum. See what I did there? Yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, I digress. (You often do – Editor)

United SnakesHere, Coles takes to the microphone as well as the strumming of his acoustic guitar. The result is fabulous – as Coles has a soothing whiskey voice. Perfect for these tunes, I say. This four track EP leans more towards the folk side of things. Meaning that fans of The Creepshow shouldn’t be expecting something similar. Anybody that has seen Chuck Coles play a solo set has a feel for what United Snakes feel like. On that note, I hope Coles or the Snakes record his version of The Clash’ “Bankrobber”. You know it makes sense, Chucky! 

Three members of Gallows Bound join Coles. Making this an international affair. (Winchester, Virginia and Toronto, Ontario). Jordan Joyes joins Coles on acoustic guitar and vocals. Justin Carver on the banjo and Aaron Blow on the upright bass.

I’ll get straight to the point – I really dig this release. A lot. I’ve spun the record on the turntable on numerous occasions already. And I plan to keep doing so. These four jingles are all ear worms. Well composed and hard to forget. As is the case with the aforementioned cover of “Bankrobber”. Are you there, Chuck?

Starting off with “Bottom Of A Well”, a friendly and warm number. A perfect drinking or saloon song. Off the bat, the vocal duo of Coles and Joyes comes in to play. The lyrics are relateable and memorable. The chorus is the type of thing where your buddies can all get link up and sing along. It is a song that shows off the stronger points of the group. Although not my favorite. We’ll get to that in a second.

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The second track on the A-side, “Holy Water”, ventures more towards the folk avenue. It makes proper use of Joyce’s vocal strengths. As does “Only Tresspassers” – the second song on the B-side.

The track that peeks my interested most though, is “Jericho”. Its the shortest of the four songs, but the most upbeat. Opens will a splendid riff and keeps on with along that path. Again makes strong use of the duo vocal harmonies. And strong use of the two acoustic guitars. Its just a great song. Lets not dissect more than we need to.

The EP is available now from Little Rocket Records. 100 copies of white vinyl and 200 on black. As well as in digital format. Act quick, on live to regret it.

For Fans Of: The Creepshow, Gallows Bound, Days N’ Daze

01. Bottom Of A Well
02. Holy Water
03. Jericho
04. Only Trespassers