Wolves In The Throne Room reveal new album details, video clip

Wolves In The Throne Room release video clip ahead of new record, Primordial Arcana

Two decades into their journey as ritualistic black metal conjurers, Wolves In The Throne Room have emerged from the forest with Primordial Arcana, their most majestic album to date, and their first release via Relapse Records (North America only) out August 20th.

Wolves In The Throne Room’s new album title Primordial Arcana is a reference to the band’s ongoing reach back to the most ancient, archetypal energies. Leadoff track Mountain Magick sets the august tone with alpine guitar melodies cresting skyward in triumph.  Spirit of Lightning returns briefly to the earthly plane as a tribute to the human connections forged in music. Meanwhile, Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire) is an explosion of cosmic grandeur, a symphonic rendering of the hermetic maxim “as above, so below” as envisioned by Keyworth. In fact, Primordial Arcana is the first Wolves In The Throne Room record in which Kody was a part of the writing process from the start, so it benefits from his background in cosmic funeral doom.

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Always uncompromising, Primordial Arcana sees Wolves In The Throne Room stay true to their unique vision. An album born out of the DIY ethos, Primordial Arcana proves to be the band’s most genuine and focused. One of the year’s most ambitious recordings, Primordial Arcana cements Wolves In The Throne Room’s legacy as one of US Black Metal’s most daring, unique, and quintessential bands.

Today, Wolves In The Throne Room share the third single from Primordial Arcana. Watch the official Primal Chasm (Gift Of Fire) music video, filmed by the band, below.

Wolves In The Throne Room Comment:

“’Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire)’ is an explosion of cosmic grandeur, a symphonic rendering of the hermetic maxim As above, so below. The lyrics are a dreamtime retelling of creation. The act of the universe creating itself comes from the same impulse—it all springs from the same source, the same union of fire and ice. It’s the interplay between polarized opposites, and it’s from their contradiction and chaos that life happens and music and the planets are created.”

In the visuals Wolves In The Throne Room are taking us on a journey through Cascadia, a bioregion that has been highly influential for the band’s aesthetics and sound. From the forests in Mountain Magick and rivers and streams in Spirit of Lightning we are following them to the ocean in their latest video for Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire).

Pre-orders for Primordial Arcana are available from Relapse Records now for physical formats, or digitally from the band here.