Two new Iron Maiden Trooper beers are coming

Iron Maiden, in cooperation with the Robinsons brewery, has announced two new Trooper beers.

Fear Of The Dark

An English stout at 4.5%. Subtle notes of dark roasted chocolate. Creating a stout that is full bodied and rich in flavor.

Created by Bruce Dickinson and Robinsons’ Head Brewer Martyn Weeks. Fear Of The Dark is the first stout in the Trooper beer family and takes its name from Iron Maiden’s iconic song and album of the same name.

Trooper IPA

an India Pale Ale at 4.3%. Copper colored, with a strong hop aroma of grapefruit, citrus, even pine. In addition to the hops bitterness. Medium malt flavor is present resulting in a crisp, dry beer with balanced character

The seventh and eighth renditions of Trooper have arrived

This brings the number of Trooper beers to eight. These two new additions are available for pre-order via the official Robinson brewery website if you have a European civic address. Details on availability at the Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) are still unknown.

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The Trooper IPA is inspired by other American IPAs sampled by Bruce Dickinson at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, United States in 2019, where he was a keynote speaker.

He commented,”I have tried so many different styles of beer around the world during my travels with Iron Maiden. And it is hard to ignore the size of the IPA and the exciting style it can bring. I’m a big fan of IPA and Stout and they were the gaping holes in the Trooper line. I have lost count of the number of people who have asked us to do a Fear Of The Dark Stout in recent years! ”

Brand director Sam Kennerley said, “The Fear of the Dark is something fans have been asking for since the first Trooper beer was released. And we’re proud to finally reward their loyalty. We knew there was a demand for new, darker beers and we’re excited to finally be able to release a stout beer for all of our fans.”