Colaris “Renewal” Review

Released : March 19,  2012

I must say; it is always nice to receive promotional albums on vinyl. Especially when they’re this nice.

Before even placing my turntable’s stylus upon the wax of this release, I was awestruck by the beauty of its packaging. Fantastically presented on blue marble 180 gram vinyl (also available in other colors) and presented in a glossy album sleeve, I hoped that the music contained on this double-disc set would be as mesmerizing as my initial reaction to its appearance.

Thankfully, it was. Showing that sometimes, just sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover. Or, you know, a record. You can sometimes judge a record by it’s cover.

As the records spun about my deck, I was taken away on a voyage through beautiful guitar work, into an instrumental void so calming and relaxing. Like witnessing the sun set over a grandiose body of water. The eight compositions that form this release are truly magnificent pieces of work. I felt myself drift off, almost as if listening to a Shoegaze project. I suppose it wouldn’t outlandish to call this a Shoegaze meets ambient rock project, come to think of it.

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Such elegance in song composition, Colaris have found a way to create music that stands alone, unique and strong. So many elements, taken from an obviously massive palette of influences. This is honestly something that should be listened to from start to finish. I get a strong God Is An Astronaut vibe at certain moments throughout “Renewal”. Yet Colaris are certainly also painting with their own set of paint brushes. What they paint, are vast dreamscapes that you can fly over. Fantastic.

An absolutely stunning record!

For Fans Of : Isis, Pelican, Cult Of Luna
Track Listing :

01. Framed
02. Unveiled
03. Reveal
04. The Cave
05. Trail
06. Aspire
07. Focus Shift
08. The Way Of Origin