Cyber attack paralyzes Modern Free Press

A cyber attack launched against Modern Free Press, has left the media outlet scrambling to recover.

It is still unknown just how or why internet criminals chose to hack and into and destroy the contents of the Modern Free Press database. An investigation into the cyber attack is still being undertaken at this time. What we do know, is that the entire website is gone, including all back-up copies of our articles. Years worth of media coverage, photographs and interviews – up in smoke.

Attempts are underway to locate copies of writings or articles that may have been preserved in other locations. Although it is feared that the vast majority of our content from over the years will have been lost forever.

In late December of 2019, our main computer stopped working. That computers hard drives contained all our back-up files and contact information. Then, this current attack took in mid-February and has left us working day and night to try and restore the website to its former glory. To no avail.

Just why hackers chose to target an independent, alternative news source only proves the importance of non-mainstream media. In an age of internet dependency, nothing is truly secure.

Destroyed. Erased. Improve!

As we work tirelessly on rebuilding the Modern Free Press website, and hopefully find a way to restore past articles, we will also be testing out new features. In short, some good will arise from the bad.

Like a Phoenix, the Modern Free Press team will rise from the ashes. We will continue and we will be better for it.

At this point, we thank you for your continued support and will have some fresh content for you as soon as we possibly can. Should anybody have copies of our works or any information about the identities of those that may have perpetrated these attacks, we urge you to contact us.