Jackalope 2018 festival

.Jackalope is Montreal’s go to sporting event. From skateboarding competitions, BMX, fixed gear, ax throwing, base jumping, climbing, there is something for Everyone.

Jackalope’s 7th edition started off with some rain but it certainly did not put a damper on festival goers. Although Mat Hoffman’s performance and other activities had to be pushed to Saturday and Sunday, a few Jackalope fans headed out to the Parc Olympique to encourage the vendors.

Tony Hawk smiles to the crowd at Jackalope 2018 // Photo : Kieron Yates
Tony Hawk smiles to the crowd at Jackalope 2018 // Photo : Kieron Yates

Lucky enough Saturday morning we were greeted with a beautiful sunny day. Jackalope fans arrived bright and early to make up for Friday’s quiet day. Skateboarders, puppies, and sports fan were spotted all around the venue.

Montreal’s very own Betty Esperanza and Skateboards for Hope were supporting their sponsors in the skateboarding competition. Skateboard makers and sportswear vendors were spotted at every corner. Selling skaters their first skateboard, or experienced skateboarders their brand new one.

Captain Morgan helped us stay (somewhat) hydrated. And kept us busy with barrel pulling while we took a break from watching the competitions. As the sun started to set, anticipation and anxieties rose. We looked up into the sky to see the brave men and women to jump off the Olympic stadium tower. With a bullseye that was only visible to them as they contoured the stadium. Landing was nothing short of a great achievement on its own.

At Jackalope when Saturday comes to an end, it only means the beginning of on thing – An exceptional evening of skateboarding. With none other than the legend himself, Tony Hawk!

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For the second year Tony has us on the edge of our seat just waiting to see which of his classic tricks he has up his sleeve. Other well known skateboarders like Bucky Lasek, Lizzie Armanto, and Andy Macdonald joined Tony Hawk for a show of demonstration of their biggest jaw dropping skills. Forty-five minutes into the spectacle and having not seen the time go buy, Tony lifts his finger to signal ”just one more trick”.  As he gets to the bottom of the ramp he takes his skateboard into his hands and throws it into the crowd with the eyes of everyone watching and flabbergasted over what just happened. Another fantastic Tony Hawk for the books.

Sunday Funday, as people like to say. At Jackalope, Sundays are nothing short of fun. Another beautiful and very hot day, skateboarders put in even more energy into their competition. The highlight of the day and most of the evening, it is safe to say the WSC (World skateboarding Cup) was hot in more ways than one. Fierce competition and every athlete putting in their 100%, the winners were well deserving. Montreal’s very own Annie Guglia won top spot on this years women’s competition.

Having had to move Mat Hoffmans BMX event to Sunday and the WSC running over an hour late, the half hour of performance was short lived. Mat Hoffman and friends joined him on the vert ramp to demonstrate what can be done with a BMX. It is mind blowing to see a small bike do such big tricks. A few wow factor moments and a scary fall or 2, the evening already came to an end, but not without one last moment of standing ovation worth last trick.

Another Jackalope is over and done for another year. 362 days until next Jackalope… but who’s counting. Jackalope was jack-a-dope!

Written by Jennifer Watson

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