MFP’s Kieron Yates to be guest DJ on Gimme Metal

On the 30th on January of this new year, Modern Free Press’ very own Kieron Yates will be performing a guest DJing set on the Gimme Metal platform.

For two hours, Yates will be playing some of his favorite Metal tracks spanning nearly forty years. All of which will be coming from bands from Montreal and the surrounding area. Artists such as Crytopsy, Kataklysm, Gorguts, Neuraxis and VoiVod, among many more will be on display.

“I’m honored to have this chance” said Yates. “I’ve always wanted to try my hand at other media platforms such as radio. Having been a journalist and photographer for the past few decades, this feels like a breath of fresh air. Something new. I really can’t wait to play the music that shaped me for people around the world. I’m ever so thankful to Gimme Metal for this opportunity.”

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“The hardest part has been selecting what to play” states Yates. “I had to cut more tracks than I kept due to time restraints. Montreal has such an amazing and rich history in heavy music. I could have stayed with more recent releases but I thought this way a great opportunity to show just how deep and how far back the Quebec metal scene goes. So, if you tune in, you’ll be hearing tracks from as far back as the mid-80s to tracks released in 2020, as well.”

The show will air at 10 AM EST and be repeated on the 2nd of February at the same time. Again on the 11th of February at 10 PM EST and once more on February 27th at 10 AM EST on the Metal 2 channel. To tune in, it is recommended to download the free app to your mobile devices. However, potential listeners can also log in through the Gimme Metal website.


Play List

01. Cryptopsy “Phobophile” from “None So Vile” 1996 (4:38)
02. Kataklysm “Cut Me Down” from Unconquered” 2020 (5:10)
03. Spoken Segment
04. Akurion “Petals From A Rose Eventually Wither To Black” from “Come Forth To Me” 2020 (4:32)
05. Neuraxis “Deviation Occurs” from “The Thin Line Between” 2008 (5:05)
06. Unbreakable Hatred “Natural Disaster” from “Ruins” 2015 (3:43)
07. Phobocosm “Awaken Unconscious” from “Deprived” 2014 (4:57)
08. Spoken Segment
09. Quo Vadis “Silence Calls The Storm” from “Defiant Immagination” 2004 (5:03)
10. Blackguard “The Hunted ” from “Storm” 2020 (5:12)
11. Incarnia “Festivals Of Atonement” from “Proclamation” 2010 (5:16)
12. Ex Deo “Crossing Of The Alps” from “The Immortal Wars” 2017 (5:30)
13. Spoken Segment
14. Dopethrone “Tweak Jabber” from “Transcanadian Anger” 2018 (3:45)
15. Priestess “We Ride Tonight” from “Prior To The Fire” 2009 (4:04)
16. Ghoulunatics “Monstruesement Votre” from “Cryogenie” 2006 (3:13)
17. Sword “Where To Hide” from “Metalized” 1986 (3:46)
18. Spoken Segment
19. Anonymus “Un Pied Dans La Tombe” from “Stress” 1997 (3:09)
20. Overbass “O.T.M” from “Libertad” 1999 (2:30)
21. Voivod “Project X” from “Negatron” 1995 (4:50)
22. DBC “Terrorist Mind” from “Dead Brain Cells” 1987 (2:14)
23. Homicide “Nightmares Of The Apocalypse” from “Left For Dead” 2020 (2:29)
24. Spoken Segment
25. Gorguts “The Art Of Sombre Ecstasy” from “Obscura” 1998 (4:21)
26. Negativa “Rebellion” from “Negativa” 2006 (6:09)
27. Martyr “Carpe Diem” from “Warp Zone” 2000 (4:22)
28. Obliveon “Glass Made Of Flesh” from “Carnivore Mothermouth” 1999 (4:21)
29. Spoken Segment
30. Fuck The Facts “Pleine Noirceur” from “Plein Noirceur” 2020 (5:43)