Monolord “I’m Staying Home” Review

“I’m Staying Home”
Relapse Records
Released : January 14, 2021

Sweden’s fantastic purveyors of fuzzy Doom, Monolord, are back with a new two track extended play.

At just over sixteen minutes in length, and with just one of the two tracks being a new composition, Monolord still show why they are ahead of the pack. There is so much guitar fuzz jammed into these slow, and beautifully heavy riffs. So much crushing power. Its down tempo pulse drones perfectly, sending the listening into an almost meditative state. As is the purpose of the genre, sure, but few do it as well as the mighty Monolord.

The opening track, I’m Staying Home, is as heavy as those cast iron chained cannonball things they used to attach to the ankles of prisoners. Those shackles were meant to weigh down the incarcerated and the doomed. Monolord, too, weigh as down with doom, but in a much more pleasant way. Upon first look, the title of the song seems to signal an act of Covid protocol compliance. I’m not sure if that is the case, after reading over the lyrics. Yet, it fits in a soothing manor. I except a lot of the art we will be seeing emerge in the next while will have been influenced by this pandemic.

Regardless if it is meant that way or not; stay home. And stay safe.

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The other track, The Bastard Son, is a live rendition of a track off of their 2019 release, No Comfort. It is a well recorded live track that offers near studio quality sound. For those that may be new to the world of Monolord, No Comfort, was the groups fourth full-length record, and their first on Relapse Records. It is largely considered their best work to date, which makes this live track a nice touch. With “I’m Staying Home”, Monolord are continuing where they left off on No Comfort. Fact is, if I were to find out down the line, that this was actually a track that was recorded during the No Comfort sessions, and cut for whatever reason – I would believe it.

“From the very beginning, our aim has been to create the heaviest sound possible, says Monolord drummer Esben Willems, but at the same time maintaining groove and melody. Being three individuals with very different frames of reference in most things, we’ve reached our common ground in Monolord. We have a strong collective sense of what the band’s sound and vibe is. It’s not necessarily always a rumbling wall of sound, which I feel is shown on No Comfort.”

Baby! I’m staying home to listen to this all damn day. Snag yourself a pre-order of this from Monolord’s bandcamp page, or live to regret it.

For Fans Of: Conan, Electric Wizard, Khemmis
Track Listing:

01. I’m Staying Home
02. The Bastard Son (Live at Freak Valley Festival)