Steel Panther “On The Prowl” Review

Steel Panther
On The Prowl
Released: February 24, 2023

Look what the cat dragged in! It’s Steel Panther, back with a new record, dude! Fuck yeah!

For some, rekindling the glory of the 80s is a recent thing – especially among the ironic hipster crowd that have to rely on rocking leftover fashions from a decade that, lets face it, looked ridiculous in every way.  I mean, certain scenes haven’t changed a whole lot since that time – metal and punk aficionados, for example, have not changed in the slightest little bit. However, the other day, I say a guy rocking a mullet, wrap around sun visor sunglasses – and a teal, neon pink and orange one-piece snowsuit that has probably been sitting in some mothball ridden second hand store for longer than the guy has been alive – and a yellow Sony Walkman.

What the hell is that all about anyway. I understand emulating the music and films of the times – because they were awesome; but the clothing? Come on! Then, there’s Steel Panther, that have for more than twenty years have been rocking spandex, too much hairspray and keeping the heavy metal flame burning – albeit in mockery.

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Taking all the worst, more cheesy aspects of the 80s heavy metal scene, replete with the spandex, the gallons upon gallons of hairspray and the attitude of the times, wrapping it all up and dragging it kicking and screaming into the future. It’s a horror show – but it is also bloody brilliant and highly amusing, and for someone like me that lived all that stuff the first time around, a lot of fun. There are so many nods to things that probably fly over the heads of the more youthful listeners, that are meant for people of my generation. Glorious.

The genius of it all though, is that they are able to translate it all for the current generation. Songs like On Your Instagram, are a prime example of this. What we have, in effect, is a typical cheesy 80s rock ballad about girls, getting laid, and the troubles that come with it – but fused with social media and dating apps of the modern day internet generations.

I really love all the odes in the bands lyrics. It’s a special thing, to be rocking out and laughing all at the same time. So much to love. There are a whole spat of bands seeking to continue the glory of the 80s hard rock and metal scene – homage bands too, that are all dead-pan and serious. And then there’s Steel Panther, who lets be honest, are taking the piss out of the whole thing. Total contrast. Some bands like Haunt, Spirit Adrift or Night Demon are still fully emerged, and true to what heavy metal was – and then you have Steel Panther who rock wigs and look like computer programmers by day.

The whole thing is too ridiculous not to adore though. It’s raunchy and perverse, over the top and well, hilarious. Yeah, it’s toilet humor. So what. It’s also pretty close to how things used to be, just in an ironic way. Musically, as has been the case with the five albums that preceded it – On The Prowl shreds. There is some serious talent that goes into these tracks, and that is where the parody ends and the fact that these guys can play takes ahold. Steel Panther would have been massive in the day, and that’s no joke.

I’ll tell you one thing; nobody has ever left a Steel Panther concert in a bad mood. Ever. Facts, dude.

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I normally loathe anything that seeks to poke fun at something. It’s a cheap way to make yourself look relevant or cool at the expense of something else, without putting in the effort it takes to create something from scratch. A good example of that, are the films of the Wayans brothers. Scary Movie, or any of the army of clones that followed it. Spoof films that attempt comedy on the backs of others. However, despite Steel Panther being a parody band, they are also crafting some solid music and creating a hell of a good time. I’ll always have a soft-spot (or a hard-on, I suppose) for the music they’re spoofing – but I also can’t deny that I really dig what they’re doing too.

Copies of On The Prowl, the new album from Steel Panther, can he secured by visiting their official website. Vinyl, compact discs and cassette tapes, and a whole bunch of shirts and stuff like that is available. Check it out!

For Fans Of: Warrant, Ratt, Poison
Track Listing:

01. Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)
02. Friends With Benefits
03. On Your Instagram
04. Put My Money Where Your Mouth Is
05. 1987
06. Teleporter
07. Is My Dick Enough
08. Magical Vagina
09. All That And More
10. One Pump Chump
11. Pornstar
12. Ain’t Dead Yet
13. Sleeping On The Rollaway

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