The 13th edition of Montreal Comiccon was a great success

July 16, 2023 – Montreal, Quebec
The 13th edition of Montreal Comiccon was a great success

In recent years, the rise of comic book related films and games, especially the popularity of films from both Marvel and DC, has rejuvenated interest in “geek” culture. So much so, that events such as the Montreal Comiccon (and similar conventions that visit other cities) have seen a significant growth in attendance and have become major attractions.

An estimated sixty-five thousand attendees visited the Palais Des Congress in Montreal over the weekend – up three thousand from last year, making this year’s edition of the Montreal Comiccon the most successful in its thirteen year history.

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Many came in impressively elaborate and well-crafted cosplay get-ups that could rival those of their onscreen counterparts or those found in the pages of the comic books and graphic novels upon which they were based.

Couples brought their children, some of whom were adorn in matching costumes. People of all ages and walks of life could find something that catered to them at Comiccon, which is a large part of its charm.

Vendors had all manor of trinkets and wares to flog, many of them relics that could drag back children hood memories from the older punters, while also appeasing the younger generations. Franchises such as Stars Wars, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and so many others that have stood the trials of time and found themselves reinvented and rejuvenated throughout the years, and now appeal to multiple generations. Such is the charm of this so-called geekdom.


“I look forward to this weekend all year long” said an excited Jonathan, who said he comes every year to dig through the comic bins for back issues of Batman and Judge Dredd, surrounded by like minded people”. For Victoria, it’s about family and passing on her love for all things comic natured to her daughter, Lilly. “This is the first year I’m bringing my kid to this things, and its so great to see how happy she is to be here. Its as cool for her as it is for me”, she said.

This year, the popular autograph sessions and photo opportunities were moved to the seventh floor, where for a price, Hollywood celebrities signed collectibles and prints or posed for photographs.

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While there were many great accolades at this year’s Comiccon, there was also a dark cloud that loomed and eventually rained down on the fun. The actors guild chose to join their writers and go on strike, meaning that several guest speakers opted not to take part in panels this year. Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millennium, Hard Target) and Michael Biehn (Aliens, Tombstone, The Terminator) held their panel prior to the strike being announced but others, such as Christina Ricci, Sean Astin (Lord Of The Rings, Memphis Belle, The Goonies) and Billy Boyd (Lord Of The Rings, Lost, Master And Commander) cancelled their appearances. (All three did keep to their autograph and photo sessions, however.)

Comiccon will return to Montreal next year for it’s 14th edition, with a mini version set to take place during the winter, and you can rest assured that costumes and cosplays are already being planned for then.