Ticketmaster in hot water over Coronavirus refund policy

Ticketmaster, the ticket sales and distribution company, have found themselves in hot water. It would seem, people are got being refunded for concert tickets cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19.

A San Francisco man has filed a lawsuit against Ticketmaster. Accusing them of “deceptive practices relating to their sale of live events tickets. And refusal to provide refunds for live events that have been rescheduled or postponed.”

The man, who says he had to eat nearly $600 in Rage Against The Machine concert tickets, is seeking to represent a class action of would-be concertgoers who have not received Ticketmaster refunds after the coronavirus outbreak forced the cancellation or postponement of most large events and public gatherings.

Music news agency, Blabbermouth, has acquired the following statement. “Prior to the coronavirus outbreak and at the time that Plaintiff and Class Members purchased event tickets from Ticketmaster Entertainment, a division of Live Nation assured customers that Ticketmaster would refund ticket purchase prices. “If your event is postponed, rescheduled or canceled.”

It would seem, however, that the concert mogul retroactively revised its policies applicable to the prior ticket sales to allow for refunds only for canceled events, not postponed or rescheduled ones. Now, with speculation that live concert events will not return until Fall of 2021, ticket holders are letting their malcontent be heard.

The plaintiff in the case against Ticketmaster claims that he purchased two tickets to two separate Rage Against The Machine concerts. Scheduled to take place in April in Oakland, California. Rage Against The Machine themselves have received ire from fans over the inflated cost of admission. Many upset at the capital demanded by a band that supposedly is against capitalism. The irony is strong here.

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“With fees and costs, the four Rage Against The Machine tickets cost Plaintiff approximately $590,” the complaint reads. “On or around March 15, Ticketmaster informed Plaintiff that, due to the coronavirus outbreak, both Rage Against The Machine concerts would be indefinitely postponed. Ticketmaster, however, would not refund the total amount Plaintiff paid for the Rage Against The Machine concert tickets. Plaintiff now holds four tickets to two Rage Against The Machine concerts that have been effectively cancelled. Will almost certainly be cancelled, and which he bought with a guarantee of a monetary refund for cancellation. But under Defendants’ new policy revisions, he will only be provided a refund if, and when, the events are officially cancelled rather than ‘postponed.'”

The plaintiff is seeking an order against Ticketmaster awarding damages. Injunctive relief and restitution and requiring the company to reverse the unlawful changes they have sought to make to their refund policy. As it relates to tickets purchased prior to March 30th. Prohibit Ticketmaster from refusing to offer refunds to any class member who purchased a ticket to an event that has been postponed or rescheduled. And pay damages and restitution to the plaintiff and class members.

Ticketmaster has reportedly canceled or postponed 30,000 events. Totaling two billion dollars (USD) in ticket sales. There are currently another 25,000 events still scheduled to take place through the end of 2020. Ticketmaster announced it will issue refunds for more than 18,000 events.That are postponed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“For cancelled shows, refunds will be automatically processed within 30 days. Unless fans voluntarily opt into other programs,” a statement from the company reads. “Live Nation venues will offer fans an option to receive a 150% credit for the value of their tickets. To be used for a future Live Nation show. Fans will also be able to donate the proceeds of their refund to a charity. To give concert tickets to health care workers, with Live Nation matching ticket donations.”