Under Pressure festival 2016

Montreal. A cultural mecca. Where all forms of art and artistry shine. Even under the rain.

Ever walked the streets of this fine city, and wondered about the graffiti that lines her walls and how it came to get there? Who it was that spent so much time and effort spraying all that paint and just how they were able to get so high up the sides of buildings in the first place? Then welcome to the twenty-first edition of Under Pressure. An urban festival celebrating graffiti art, hip hop, break dancing and just about anything else that relates to it.

Spraying paint // Photo : Kieron Yates
Spraying paint // Photo : Kieron Yates

For the best part of a week, culminating on the weekend, the general public can come out and witness artists. As they climb up scaffolding and plan out their pieces that will be on display for a full year until the next edition of the festival rolls around. With DJ’s and MC’s supplying beats and rhymes. Breakneck b-boys showing off some of the most impressive dance moves you might ever see. Break dancing is an art form unto itself. Street vendors and parkour demonstrations. Even a section for the budding artists – the kids.

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Partnering this year with the Pride festivities, and acknowledging our nations ingenious peoples. Using a slogan that reads “Under Pressure acknowledges that this event takes place on unseeded Mohawk territory”. With organizations such as Skateboards For Hope  gathering new and used skateboards for the native youth and for the youngsters in Haiti. Under Pressure understands the need for community. Even in the rain. And although it caused issues for the artists slinging paint onto the bricks, some seriously impressive art now graces the concrete jungle. Enhancing our daily lives.

If you managed to miss the street party, good news – you still have time to get out and see the art. It’s hard to miss. Just head towards Foufounes Electriques on Sainte-Catherines street and check out the walls in and around the famous bar.

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