Formula-E Jakarta Grand Prix in doubt

The effects of the global Coronavris, or COVID-19, outbreak are entering the world of sports. With serious repercussions.

As such, the Formula-E Grand Prix of Jakarta that was scheduled for June 6th, 2020 will not take place. The FIA governing body was careful with their words in a recent press release – stating the race wouldn’t take place as scheduled. Leaving hope that the weekend festivities could be postponed. Given the unpredictable future, however, that might be more wishful thinking that anything else.

2018-19 action

“With the growing number of COVID-19 cases in countries where Formula E currently has events scheduled to be held, we are evaluating contingency plans to lessen the potential impact of coronavirus. And maintain the highest possible number of races on the calendar for season six.” said Alberto Longo, co-founder of Formula-E.

 “It is a fluid situation. Developing on a daily basis. We remain realistic and flexible in our approach to alternative options, which will be communicated in due course” added Longo. ” These include adding double-headers to existing events, using permanent facilities and racing behind closed doors if necessary.”

Other sports also affected by COVID-19

The COVID-19 scare has also caused the NHL to take action. Journalists are currently forbidden from team locker rooms following matches, and the San Jose Sharks may well have to play several games to an empty arena.

Subsequently, the Formula One season that kicks off this weekend has also had a postponement. The Chinese Grand Prix will not be run as planned. Also listed as postponed, there are no announcements as of yet. Given the global instability on this matter, we are unlikely to have news on this subject for some time.

Earlier this week, Formula-E also took similar measures on its Italian stop. The Grand Prix of Rome, scheduled for April 4th, is also postponed.

A growing number of global Coronavirus cases

As of time of press, the statistics now show 121,125 cases of the deadly virus. To which, 4,377 people have succumbed. It isn’t all doom and gloom, however. So far, 94% of infection patients have recovered. About 66, 904 to be exact. Much of the 3.4% that perished as a result, were elderly persons.

Indonesia has recorded 34 cases so far. With one death listed. Information about Jakarta itself was not available. The majority of cases have been found in China, Italy and Iran. South Korea, Spain, France, Germany and the USA all also number in the thousands. In all, 121 countries and territories have reported cases.