Formula One 2020 revised schedule unveiled

In what was supposed to have been an extended season in 2020, cut down by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we finally have lights out on racing. Albeit significantly reduced, we do have a revised schedule. Eight races have now been confirmed for 2020 – down from the originally scheduled twenty-one. Some of the most iconic race weekends have been axed, including the monumental Monaco Grand Prix. Yet I would wager that there isn’t a motor sport fan om the planet that isn’t eager to get back to the high octane on-track action.

The worlds finest drivers will return to empty circuits, as fans will have to make do with seats on their sofas from the comforts of their own homes. At least for the opening segments of the Formula One season. There has been a lot of speculation churning through the rumor mills. Including talk about further race weekends being added to the calendar – as well as speak of the possibility of perhaps allowing fans to attend those rumored latter events. Of course, nothing official has been announced, as the world slower edges back towards normality. As is the case in all walks of life currently, we are at a point where we are very much taking things one step at a time. The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have peeked but there is no guarantee that the worst of it is yet to rear its ugly head. If history has taught us anything about pandemics, its that second and even third waves are more than likely.

With mass uncertainty comes a completely different approach on every level imaginable.  Should the 2020 Formula One championship hinder on just eight races, then surely positioning is more vital than ever. The margin for error even slimmer than before, and therefore the on-track competition must almost defiantly be enhanced. The days ahead should yield some fantastic racing moments. As we edge ever closer to going lights out on the 2020 season, lets take a look at the eight confirmed circuits so far on this new revised schedule.

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Lets hope for an extension of the season, but also be thankful that we are able to have any Formula One racing at all, in such a difficult year. Gentlemen, start your engines and lets get this season going!