Quebec asks for the cancellation of all sporting and cultural events

Today, the province of Quebec handed out some more bad news to its populous. The cancellation of everything. More or less.

Realistically – we all knew that the summer was in peril. All the awesome music festivals and cultural events that draw thousands of people. All the sports events – both professional and otherwise. All of it. At the back of our minds, we all knew these things were in danger of being cancelled. But now that an official statement has been made – the reality is truly setting in.

Crowd gathering at Osheaga festival // Photo : Kieron Yates
Crowd gathering at Osheaga festival // Photo : Kieron Yates


Folks, we are in for a lonely summer in isolation. But let’s face reality here – being at home, is far better than being dead. Am I right! Don’t answer – I know I am.

The Quebec government has asked for the cancellation of all sporting and cultural events until August 31st. That signs the end of basically every music festival and outdoor sporting event this year. Perhaps some of the winter events may prevail. Then again, given how unpredictable this unprecedented pandemic is turning out to be – who can say with any certainty.

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“Considering the evolution of the COVID-19 situation in Quebec. And the need to respect the need to engage in physical-distancing of two metres for an extended period. It is therefore with a view to protecting public health. That it is considered preferable to cancel festivals and other cultural and sporting gatherings, indoor and outdoor, for the summer period.”

Many concerts, festivals and sporting events have been toying with the idea of postponing events as opposed to cancelling them. But this news really throws a wrench into those gears. Others have considered holding events in a closed-off environment. No crowd or audience. Just the essential staff and crew members. Whether or not that is now plausible remains a topic of debate.