Rammstein “Zeit” Review

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Released: April 29, 2022

The mighty German machine that is Rammstein return with their eighth full-length album Zeit, amide rumors it might be their last.

Like was the case with many artists, Rammstein’s plans to tour for their most recent record at the time, 2019’s self-titled (or untitled) record, were scraped due to that whole global pandemic thing. Instead, a great deal of musicians found themselves instead entering a recording studio and gearing up on plans to release new music instead. When Rammstein did finally hot the road again, they had a two albums worth of music to premier and put on a ridiculously massive and boisterous concert wherever they stopped.

In Montreal, where I reside, their concert which took place on an island, irritated the residents of Saint-Lambert, situated just across the river, to the point where several complaints were made. Then again, what doesn’t annoy the snobs of Saint-Lambert? (This last part was edited in following the band’s show in August just to flip off the people of Saint-Lambert. Fuckers.)

Fans always know roughly what they are in for when it comes to Rammstein – the band has honed in a winning formula and never really stray too far from it. I see that as a positive and a negative at the same time. On one hand, it wouldn’t make sense to reinvent a working recipe – but on the other, it is also good to explore and experiment to a certain degree. Regardless on which side you stand on this, the one common denominator that everyone can agree on is that Rammstein keep on producing great, fun records and Zeit is no exception. With their eighth studio outing, Rammstein are still as triumphant as ever.

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Nobody sounds like Rammstein does. Very few musicians are as instantly recognizable as they are, and with Zeit – that hasn’t changed. Kicking off to the marching sounds of Armee Der Tristen, a military-esque drill piece that sets the tone nicely. Into the title track, Zeit, which is more akin to their trademarked “sad” songs that appear throughout their great discography. On display here, is Rammstein’s immaculate ability to weave a metal song with pop undertones yet do so without anyone really noticing that they did it. All the hooks and snares that a radio-friendly unit use as tools are here, just cleverly disguised.

While everyone is busy hating on Ghost for doing the exact same thing as Rammstein have for the last thirty years now, here are Rammstein still carrying on to the beat of their own drums, unchallenged by the same people calling out Ghost. It is quite comical really. On Schwarz, the again rings true – perhaps greater than on any other track on Zeit. Piano melodies and orchestral rhythms, ear-worm riffs and bass lines. Giftig echoes back to the groups early days, songs such as Buech Dich or Ich Will – with a dose of that sneaky pop stuff too. Check out the auto-tune vocals on Lugen.

Fact is, the song structures though not changed, have become a little more intricate and over the years, melded more to become the ear worms that they are, and have been for the past three or four records. That’s half their catalogue – quick math. Songs like Meine Tränen and Dicke Titten are prime examples of this notion, while still retaining the humor and perversion that has made Rammsetin so much fun over the years (hit up a Google search for a translation to Dicke Titten – the results will be… most pleasing.) Again, Rammstein offer us a safe sense of similarity. This is what we have come to expect from these lads.

If this is to be the final record from the great Rammstein, as many – myself not included, seem to believe to be the case, they will be leaving on a high note. I just don’t see them walking away from everything given how huge they have become and how much they obviously still have to offer to the metal world. Granted, vocalist Till Lindemann did just turn 59 years old a few months ago, so perhaps age plays a factor here. Factor in that the album title, Zeit, translates to time, and perhaps there is truth to these rumors after all.  Then, the final piece on this album, a song named Adieu, which is a French saying that very roughly translates to goodbye, could gain offer up a clue that Rammstein is indeed on the brink of extinction.

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I have been wrong before, and I’ll surely be wrong again – but I would wager all the change in my pocket that I am bang on here. I am betting that we hear from Rammstein again and in the not too distant future. Then again, the change in my pocket might be just enough to get you a coffee, at a gas station, so I’m really not gambling very much. Time, or zeit, will tell. See what I did there? Yeah, I’ll see myself out.

Copies of the new Rammstein album, Zeit, can be purchased on compact disc and vinyl, as various versions, from the groups website. Prices are in Euro and items ship from Germany.

For Fans Of: Ghost, KMFDN, Marilyn Manson
Track Listing:

01. Armee Der Tristen
02. Zeit
03. Schwarz
04. Giftig
05. Zick Zack
06. OK
07. Meine Tränen
08. Angst
09. Dicke Titten
10. Lügen
11. Adieu


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