Ile Soniq 2018 in Montreal, Quebec

Following up last week’s extravagant Osheaga festival, is Evenko’s final big music festival of the summer. Ile Soniq.

A massive crowd turned out for Ile Soniq in 2018 // Photo : Kieron Yates
A massive crowd turned out for Ile Soniq in 2018 // Photo : Kieron Yates

As the name implies, Soniq is an adventure into the sonic sound waves of electronic music. Its three stages and vibrant, inflatable mushroom clad settings all vibe with happy and energetic people. Perhaps the youngest gathering of the four major festivals. Held in consecutive weekends on Montreal’s man-made island getaway. Parc Jean Drapeau was the place to be once again. Much to the continued dismay of the culture hating residents of Saint Lambert.

From the floating dance floor that surrounded the high rising Neon stage. That glowed from LED screens during the day and became an impressive laser show by night. Hosting much of the two day events Dubstep sounds. To the Mirage stage and the Oasis stage. That hosted the hottest names in modern music. To a crowd that stretched further than the naked eye could see. Ile Soniq was a rampant success.

In spite of the scorching heat, people frolicked in the water fountains. Drenched through to the skin. Happy as could be. One fleet footed raver took to doing the splits over the water jets. They do say, that dance is about expressing yourself. Do they not.

Despite the last minute cancellation of the most influential DJ of all time, Paul Oakenfold. Due to illness. The party vibes were never ending. Artists such as French Montana and The Chainsmokers. DJ Snake, Diplo and Lil’ Yachty. To Ferry Corsten and Rusko. All made sure of the dance floor stayed lit.

My feet ached and blistered after two days of walking the site and I would hate to see the state of those feet that danced in the dirt from the early afternoon late into the night. The ambiance and atmosphere were a thing of beauty. The decor and light shows incredible – albeit somewhat repetitive. When dealing with DJ’s, there isn’t a huge change over like you would find at a rock n’ roll show.

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The stage setting practically never changes. For most, a quick swap of laptops is all it takes. No breaking down of drum kits or lugging heavy amps and heads on and off stage. No need. Plug and play.

Most noticeable was the Neon stage. Even the pyrotechnics that went off on the main stage became stale after being used in the exact same manner set after set for two straight days. On the other hand, how would you create unique settings for each artist.

Nevertheless, a massive audience filled the island. Scantly clad people twisted and turned to the booming beat. Waving glow sticks and LED lights. The thunderous pulse transformed people into a hive mind. Just dance.

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Clearly not all who shook their rumps were seasoned dancers. Without a doubt, there was no judgement forthcoming. Ile Soniq was about cutting loose and just being one with the sounds.

Above all else, Ile Soniq was a fun time and its audience seemed to glow throughout its duration.