The Modern Free Press is an independent, alternative news and entertainment organization.

The Modern Free Press exists to provide the world with unbiased commentary on anything and everything. Unlike other publications, we do not have ties or affiliations with any political party or religious group – nor will we ever.

We have used the Modern Free Press moniker since 2017. Prior to that, the publication existed under several different names. However, with the expanding coverage and goals we set ourselves, it soon became apparent that the older names just wouldn’t fit our vision.

Originally, we were a music based publication. Established in 2012. Although we will always have a heavy helping of music coverage in our pages, we have expanded into the worlds of sports, arts and film, culture, lifestyle and food. And so on. There are no limits to which we will go to bring alternative entertainment to our faithful readership.

Montreal based. World wide coverage.


Our website and database was destroyed in a cyber attack in February 2020. More than 85% of our content was lost and may never be recovered again. If you are looking for an article we wrote, or followed a link from Google that no longer works. Well, this may well be the reasonĀ  for that. Since then, we have been working day and night to return the website to its original format. As best we can. It also seemed an opportune time to refresh the look and layout of the site. As a result, there may well still be a fee kinks in the machine. So to speak.


General questions, advertising inquiries, promotions, review and interview requests. As well as submitting any news related stories can be emailed to us.

We are always looking to add contributors and photographers.

Please note, we do not review streams. Submitted review material may be assigned to contributors at our discretion. We do not guarantee that all submitted material will receive coverage. The opinions of our contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Modern Free Press. We cover all styles of music, books and film.


Modern Free Press Staff :

Editor In Chief : Brian Perry

Music Editor : Kieron Yates

Sports Editor : Kieron Yates

Contributors :

Samantha Morris
Michelle Cooney
Jenny Watson
Justin Guenet
Kieron Yates

Photographers :

Kieron Yates
Dale Semple
Samantha Morris
Mario-Pierre Gaudreau