Indiana Jones 5 delayed until 2022

It would seem that the modern day is all about patience. And waiting. A whole lot of waiting.

Waiting for things to return to normal. Waiting for a vaccine for this global pandemic. And now we are going to have to wait even longer for the next Indiana Jones film.

Indie doing what Indie does
Indie doing what Indie does

In an unexpected twist, this current delay is only partially to be blamed on the global COVID-19 pandemic. The other factor at play here, is the stepping down of director Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg, it would seem, is looking to pass the baton to another director in an attempt to freshen up the franchise. While the famed director plans to remain on as producer. Or so the rumor goes.

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If true, Spielberg would hand the reigns to the Indiana Jones franchise over to James Mangold. Who is a solid choice to continue the saga on. Mangold recently directed the Le Mans ’66, or Ford versus Ferrari, as well as Logan – part of the X-Men series.

As of now, Harrison Ford is still scheduled to play Indiana Jones. Hopefully there is no changes made as far as that is concerned. However, the film was scheduled for July 9th of 2021 is now set for a July 29th, 2022 unveiling. This comes after the initial release date was to have been July of 2020.

What’s two years anyway? For this new delay, well, you can thank the COVID-19 epidemic for that.

On the bright side, this time delay will hopefully lend more time to perfect the film. However, even despite the poor reception for Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, screenwriter David Koepp is set to return. Some may consider that a step backwards.

With these forecast delays, it has to be pondered about just how likely we are to see Harrison Ford reprise his role. Harrison Ford is currently 77-years of age.