Quickies: Nicolle Bell-Dupas of Strange Breed

Vancouver, British Columbia’s Strange Breed are gearing themselves up, mentally and physically, for a cross Canada jaunt that will see them cross the border into the United States, that will end in Kingston, Ontario on April 11th.

Reminiscent of 90’s femme-rock heroines like Veruca Salt, L7, Hole and Sleater-Kinney while channeling the modern-rock prowess of acts like The Pretty Reckless or Paramore, Nicolle Bell-Dupas (Vocals/Guitar), Terra Chaplin (Lead Guitar), Megan Bell-Dupas (Drums) and Jess Dubois (Bass) have perfected the art of serving memorable rock hooks with a filthy side of riot-grrrl rage. Through layers of distortion and unapologetically feminist lyrics, Strange Breed is the musical equivalent of jumping on your bed screaming at the top of your lungs at the injustices of the world

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Be sure to check them out if they come to a town near you, and until then, have a wee read on what Nicole Bell-Dupas thinks about touring as a member of Strange Breed.

What is the best part of being on the road?

Being able to travel with your buddies, while seeing new towns and cities, all while being able to do the thing that makes you feel like you, is an indescribable experience. The people you meet along the way can make all the difference. The best part however is the uncontrollable laughter that comes from that point you hit when you’ve been driving for 14 hours, are running off of a cheesy Gordita crunch that you consumed 7 hours ago and you realize that the hotel room doesn’t have enough blankets for everyone to sleep comfortably. That is the best part!!

What is the worst part of touring?

The constant feeling of having jetlag without ever stepping foot on a plane…

What is the strangest or most memorable experience you have witnessed while on tour?

This one time we were touring across Canada in the middle of Lake country, and we stopped at this Indian buffet for a late road dinner. we are all huge fans of Indian food so we were really looking forward to a rewarding meal! at this point in the tour, tensions were running high, but we united on this fantastic meal that we could eat as a band and as a family. we return to the drive and as soon as we hit the highway Megan, the drummer’s, stomach starts to gurgle. It didn’t take long until she quietly but firmly asked Nicolle to pull over. Nicolle, who has no chill, immediately shouts “ARE YOU GOING TO THROW UP!!” as she hits the brakes and pulls to the side of an exit off of the trans Canada highway. Megan promptly tosses her cookies, and any other remnants of previous consumption into the field of Canadian lake country. Once she finally was able to collect herself, we proceeded to get lost in the darkness for the next hour…. que the manic laughter….

Where was the best stop on your most recent tour and where was the worst – and why?

Idaho is AMAZING!! everyone here is so fricken’ nice and the city itself is such a welcoming creative space! we truly cant wait to come back! The worst was a bar in Quebec City, where we played to maybe 4 or 5 skin heads who really weren’t there for the music…. I don’t think I need to elaborate…

When you get home from a tour, how do you feel? Is there an adaptation or adjustment period that your under go?

I, Meg, personally shut off all social media for about a week, sleep until I cant physically sleep anymore, and hydrate as much as I can!

Strange Breed are about to hit the road, touring with The Pack A.D as their travel coast to coast, with a few stops across the border as well. Check out the tour dates here.