Vinegar Syndrome is growing into the world of publishing

February 1, 2023
Vinegar Syndrome, the boutique film label, is growing into the world of publishing

Over the last few years, boutique movie labels such as Vinegar Syndrome, Arrow, Criterion, Kino Lorber – and so on – have been elemental in the survival of physical media. They have provided true film aficionados with a means to continue collecting Blu-ray and 4K film releases – and often times a chance to see long out of print cult classics. Now Vinegar Syndrome is helping to preserve printed material too, with the launch of a new publishing division.

Vinegar Syndrome is thrilled to announce the formation and launch of Vinegar Syndrome Publishing, along with the acquisition of legendary horror-comic publisher, Eibon Press. Eibon co-founder, Stephen Romano will also be taking the lead as Creative Director.

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Vinegar Syndrome Publishing will specialize in original comics as well as comic adaptations and novelizations (both hardback and trade paperback) of some of your favorite films in our catalog, along with other genre classics. We’re also planning some artwork based coffee table books along with plenty of special merch and other fun surprises.

Additionally, Vinegar Syndrome Publishing will be reissuing numerous iconic titles from the Eibon catalog, kicking off this spring with a new and updated edition of the four-part comic adaptation of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie. This upcoming edition will be sold both individually, as well as together in a collectable case. Each Eibon re-issue will come complete with all new cover art, new supplemental materials and stellar new packaging done as only Vinegar Syndrome knows how!

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We’re also working on a brand new website to keep you updated on everything happening in the world of Vinegar Syndrome Publishing, including exclusive art previews, new title drops, and more!

We couldn’t be more excited to charge ahead with this new venture and can’t wait to share it all with you.