Bridge Nine auctions test pressings, donates proceeds to Campaign Zero

Over the past 25 years, Bridge Nine has released albums by artists speaking out against various injustices, and a particular focus has been on violence at the hands of the police. While this is something that has been experienced by members of the hardcore punk subculture, it has undoubtedly been felt disproportionately more by people of color. Just as these bands have raised their voices in the past, and us as fans with them, we must likewise raise our voices now and moving forward to speak out against the vast injustices being experienced by our BIPOC friends.

Bridge Nine Records stands in solidarity with everyone who believes that black lives matter, rejects white supremacy, and works towards dismantling systems of oppression and fighting racial injustice. With our office still closed due to Covid-19, these are the steps we are starting with:

  • Bridge Nine has started this off with a $500 donation to Campaign Zero, an organization advocating local, state, and federal policy solutions to address police violence.
  • We are opening the Bridge Nine vault and auctioning off 17 test pressings from our catalog, with 100% of proceeds going directly to Campaign Zero. The auction begins Friday, June 5th and concludes Tuesday, June 9th (details below).
  • We will be donating 100% of all Friday, June 5th Bandcamp sales to Campaign Zero.

This is only the first step in our efforts, but the next step will be working together with our bands, vendors, and music industry colleagues to examine how we can further these necessary actions. There is a “Contact Us” form on the Bridge Nine website – I encourage your ideas and feedback on how this label as well as the hardcore punk community can come together to support real change.

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The above test presses are available for auction beginning Friday, June 5th with bidding ending at 12 pm EST on Tuesday, June 9th. We have created an Instagram account, @B9Auction, specifically for this auction where we will manage bids and notify the winners. Please post your best offer – we are hoping that these will go above and beyond as 100% of the bids are going directly to Campaign Zero. If you don’t have an Instagram account, email with your bid and we will post it for you.

1. BOYSETSFIRE “While a Nation Sleeps” LP
2. CEREMONY “Rohnert Park” LP
3. NO WARNING “Ill Blood” LP
4. BEACH SLANG “The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City” LP
5. AGNOSTIC FRONT “Police Violence” 7″ (two versions, rejected & approved, as one lot)
6. PROLETARIAT “The Murder of Alton Sterling” 7″
7. H2O “Self-Titled” LP
9. xXx Fanzine “The Kids Still Have Their Say” LP
10. HAVE HEART “Live at Sound & Fury” 7″
11. DEFEATER “Lost Ground” 2×7″
12. BILLY BIO “Freedom’s Never Free” 7″
13. BURN “…From The Ashes” 7″
14. UNDERDOG “Self-Titled” 7″
15. WAR ON WOMEN “Self-Titled” LP
16. ALCOA “Parlour Tricks” LP
17. RUINER “Prepare To Be Let Down” LP