Carifesta 2016 takes to the streets of Montreal

Not even high winds and rain could stop the sunshine that is the 41st annual Montreal Carifesta parade from happening. Although, the festivities started late and the crowd, too, were late in arrival. Perhaps waiting to see if the rain clouds were going to blow over. Although the gloomy weather would last – these high spirits wouldn’t be shaken.

Carifesta / Kieron Yates

It has certainly been a staggeringly strange climate to start the summer. Which has continued on from a bizarre winter. But has still yet to dampen the spirits of the cities populous – just our clothing. At times, it looked as if the ladies in the big costumes with the wide wingspan might actually be swept up into the skies. Feathers fluttered, causing them to act like sails.

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Amid the gray overcast skies, came an abundance of color and joy. As the parade made its way, dancing and jumping, tossing colorful powders into the air. The various flags of the Caribbean islands flew with pride. From the paraders and the crowds on the side lines alike. I strolled the streets, following the tail end of the parade along its journey, and at each and every corner it stopped at, the atmosphere was that of a gigantic party.

Colorful Carifesta / Kieron Yates

People sang along to the loud music and danced its beat, the children loved it and many rushed to the more elaborately dressed for photo opportunities.

The gathering of people along the city streets came from all walks of life. All people are drawn to a good time. Nobody can resist. The vibes, the sounds and the colorful displays. Carifesta is a good time.

Get down! / Kieron Yates

Much more than a simple parade. Carifesta is a celebration! Sure, it is also a parade, but so much more. And in typical Montreal fashion, fun was in abundance. Then again, what else would a Carifesta be!