How to make your own hand sanitizer


Are you struggling to find hand sanitizer? Fear not. We have the solution for your woes.

One of the earliest revelations of this global pandemic, was the mass consumerism through fear. People rushed to their local stores and and bought out every square of toilet paper they could get their greedy hands on. All the Lysol wipes and every drop of hand sanitizer on the shelves. Mass hysteria.

Although, we can’t tell you how to create your own toilet paper. There are many alternatives should the world really run out. And there are serious doubts that it’ll come to that. Worst case, you can grab old newspapers or socks, of just jump in a quick shower after you’ve gone about your business. Quite why people felt the need to mass buy years worth of toilet paper is honestly beyond more reasoning. It makes absolutely zero sense.

There has been an increased shortage of antibacterial hand sanitizer since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Hand sanitizer is still a lesser option to a good hand washing, but it is far easier to carry a spray bottle with you than the kitchen sink.

And soap. Plus a towel. And – you get the point.

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What we can help with, is hand sanitizer. At its base, hand sanitizer is made up of sixty-percent rubbing alcohol. Because washing your hands in just rubbing alcohol will result in some very dried out skin, a few extra ingredients need to be thrown into the mix.

The process is really quite simple. What you’ll need, is a bottle of rubbing alcohol, which can be found in most pharmacies. Then, you’ll need an aloe vera gel – which is also available in most pharmacies. These two items will give you the basics. Alternatively, you can add an essential oil like vanilla or peppermint. This way, your hands are germ free, and the aloe vera and essential oils will keep them hydrated.

Simply pour two cups of rubbing alcohol into a bowl, add in a half-cup of aloe vera gel, a few drops of whichever essential oil you select – to taste. That’s a figure of speech. Please don’t drink this concoction. Stir it all up and put it in a pump bottle. Voila!