More Rick And Morty coming to television

The zany intergalactic antics of Rick and Morty return to television screens next month.

Yes – that’s right, five more episodes will air starting May 3rd, 2020. This constitutes the second half of the fourth season – which began airing back in November of 2019. After a lengthy wait, yet nothing close to near two year wait in took to get those first five episodes. This will come as relief to fans. Many of whom began to believe there would never be any further addition episodes of the cult show.

The first five episodes that were aired from the fourth season, were wild. Certainly among the craziest we’ve seen from Rick and Morty – so far. Really elevating the show to another level and pushing the limits as to how far they could go. Hopefully, these next five episodes will continue down that dark path.

Although this won’t reset the world back to normal, chances are, it’ll go a long way to alleviate boredom. Judging by the madness contained in the trailer, it is safe to say that the remain five episodes will, at the least, be on par with what we’ve seen. The trailer is crazy. Containing everything anybody could hope to get from these new episodes – including the return of Mecca-Snowball.

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Many believed that the future of Rick and Morty was in peril following the untimely demise of the shows producer, J. Michael Mendel. Especially since the gap between the shows third and fourth season was so great. Mendel was the producer on twenty-two episodes of the show. Practically the first three seasons.  He was also a producer on two-hundred seven episodes of The Simpsons and won four Emmy’s for his work.

Hopefully the release of these five new episodes is a signal that more are on the way. Many more. Years more. Fingers crossed.


Check the trailer below: