Jackalope 2022 gets underway this weekend

August 16, 2022

After a lengthy pause – while the world struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jackalope festival will return this coming weekend.

This weekend, Jackalope – the biggest action sports festival in Canada, will bring extreme sports back to the Olympic stadium in Montreal. Rife with live music and DJ’s, such as Gros Big, Naya Ali, Tizzo, DJ Brown, DJ Mark Roots, DJ Tony, DJ B. Lava and DJ Tallandskinny.

For the past 10 years, Jackalope has been the ultimate gathering of Canada’s action sports communities, the meeting place for top athletes, industry professionals, enthusiasts and the curious. Known for its unique atmosphere, its inclusiveness, and the quality of its world-class competitions and demonstrations by world-renowned skateboarding, bouldering, Base jumping, BMX, and breaking stars.

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Some of the best skateboarders in the world, will be present, including Elliot Sloan, Andy Anderson, TJ Rogers, Jimmy Wilkins, Jake Ilardi, Reese Nelson, Gavin Bottger, Mitcthie Brusco, Julian Gagnon and many more.

Jackalope’s mission is to spread the word about action sports by providing communities around the world with opportunities to come together, celebrate their passion and reach new heights. In addition to all the things to see, there is also a multitude of things to do such as shopping in the pop up shops, stuffing your face in the food trucks, enjoying free sessions in the ephemeral sports facilities and attending concerts.

The practice of action sports is an art of living – the art of surpassing oneself, perseverance, solidarity and sharing. These core values ​​have the power to create a positive impact in the world.

Festivities get under way starting at 5pm on Friday, August 19th, and run straight through until 10pm on Sunday, August 21st. While Friday is generally reserved for practice and getting ready for the main competitions that take place on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday will both be live streamed of the Jackalope Youtube page.

Tickets are available through the Jackalope website, and there are also streaming options for that can’t be in attendance.