La Queue de Cheval restaurant in trouble over unpaid salaries

La Queue de Cheval restaurant in Montreal, have found themselves in considerable trouble.

The high-end La Queue de Cheval establishment, it would seem, have little to no respect for their employees. The steakhouse is alleged to have used funds owed to its employees in order to pay creditors. Leaving its staff in dire straits during a global pandemic.

Furthermore, the restaurants owner, Peter Morentzos, is far from apologetic.

La Queue de Cheval employees were summoned to the restaurant on the Friday. When they arrived, they were not allowed in, and the owners and managers were not present. A chef was on hand, tasked with handing each worker an envelope. Inside, were documents stating that staff would need to apply for government assistance. It also contained a letter explaining the closure, stating that “all salaries for the weeks ending March 15th 2020 cannot be issued”.

Asides from withholding salaries during a pandemic, the owners couldn’t so much as bother to do their dirty work themselves. Instead placing a fellow employee in a position to fulfill their dirty deeds.

The restaurant, which is primarily known for its steaks, caters to the haute culture. To persons of wealth. The least expensive item of their steak menu, is an 8 oz. Alberta Prime petit mignon at a cost of $49 (CDN). The inverse side of the menu, has a 32 oz. Australian Wagyu Porterhouse steak at just $475 (CAD). Or perhaps a $1200 portion of Beluga caviar is more to your taste.

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Yet, Morentzos and his La Queue de Cheval restaurant are unable to provide salaries to the employees of the establishment. Many of which have received nothing in over a month. As well as salaries, Morentzos also has withheld tips, which are paid separately, and has refused to issue vacation pay owed to his staff. It is estimated that the amount owed is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

La Queue de Cheval's exorbitant menu
La Queue de Cheval’s exorbitant menu

This isn’t the end of the matter either. As salaries are still owed – Morentzos has fired employees for speaking out.

“People make their own decisions in what they want to do. You don’t come and take from the hand that feeds you as an employer. It’s pretty clear, you made a decision, you don’t want to be part of this company. So good luck in your future” said Morentzos. Apparently oblivious to the fact that the slave trade has ended. Employers need employees more than they need them. Hopefully Morentzos is adept in his own kitchen.

Morentzos has now turned to the general public to pay his disgruntle staff. Selling gift cards to the fancy restaurant, claiming that funds will be used to pay back the employees. Many of which are owed between $3000 and $4500 CAD.