Quickies : Chachy Englund from Round Eye

Round Eye – the self-proclaimed “sexiest, hairiest and loudest band in China”, The freakish malformed spawn of doo-wop, punk and free-jazzwe seek to help audiences across the globe ascend into a nirvana of noise, weirdness and sax-powered mayhem. With a psychotic live act that may or may not feature nudity, body paint, destruction, degeneracy this band is not for the faint of heart and not to be missed. I dare you to say that ten times fast

With the world still under strict pandemic guidelines not seen since the days of the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1919, things may seem glum. As indeed they are. Our buddy Donnie is still fast-tracking the doomsday scenario – driving the new-age atom bomb himself. If surviving that disaster of a man isn’t enough, we’ve got police brutality to wade through (and a set of songs to fight that with too, click here) – yet the news out of China, courtesy of Round Eye, is actually uplifting. Read on and see what Chachy Englund has to tell you!

With everything that’s been happening, in these COVID-19 times, what major personal changes have you guys had to go through to adapt? What is the one comfort that has got you through these difficult times?

For me personally, the shame of being an American and watching how poorly my country is handling the situation has been the hardest thing to get used to. Awful, humiliating.  A comfort?  We may potentially see the end of Trump in November.

Since it’s not possible to have live concerts yet, or at least not to capacity crowds, what is your view on live streaming your shows?

We live in China.  We are currently on tour and playing to capacity crowds.  Things are very nearly back to normal.  Everyone still wears the mask but numbers have curbed to a point of near normalcy.  We did 1 live stream event in March and it was a lot of fun but i’m glad to be back on the road and in Live houses.

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Do you think everything will ever get back to a sense of normality or has it changed forever? What will be different and what will change permanently?

We are nearly there in China.  However things will and ultimately should change.  Some for better some for worse.  I think temp checks and sterilization measures are here to stay so in a way cleanliness might become much more enforced which is good. Hong Kong’s loss of its civil rights is a good example of worse.

If and when touring is allowed again, how will you guys go about getting back on the road? What do you miss about touring and what might be changed for future tours?

We are on tour and things have been awesome in China.  Aside from constant checks or QR health codes and masks it’s all fine.  We were supposed to be on the road in EU right now and we’re bummed about missing our friends and fans in the west.  Things will go back to normal but it’s up to the people / governments to learn and adapt.

Given all of this extra free time, has it helped your creativity in life, music, in general?

You’d think so but really I’ve just been binge watching Star Trek Deep Space 9.