Samiam announce first album in over a decade

February 7, 2023
Samiam announce first album in over a decade, premier video clip for their new single

It’s hard to believe that a whole twelve years have passed us by since Samiam, the phenomenal first wave of Emo titans, last released a record. Alas, that is the case – but this March, Samiam with finally be releasing the follow-up to 2011’s Trips through Pure Noise Records.

If you consider that the members of Samiam live in three different parts of the vast country known as the United States Of America, and all the travel bans and difficulties the last few years have thrown at us, you can begin to understand why it has taken so long to get any new material recorded. Although, there were still a good eight or nine years before the pandemic that are unaccounted for – but now I’m just being difficult.

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“We had been lazily working on a few new songs here and there for years — as far back as 2014, when we tried and failed to record a little demo after Riot Fest,” guitarist Sean Kennerly shares in a statement. “But Sergie Loobkoff and I just kept writing the beginnings of songs and sending them around to everyone, and suddenly one day about four years ago we were like, ‘This is enough for an album.'”

If you’re lucky, you get this sort of sense when you’re in a band that you’re participating in something that’s important to other people, explains guitarist Loobkoff. “And I still get that with Samiam.”

The release of Samiam’s new album coincides with the new record from label mates Bouncing Souls, and as a result, the two groups are planning on hooking up to tour in support of their respective new works. How’s that for a massive tour package.

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Stowaway is set for release on March 31st via Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here. And, Ten Stories High, the new record from Bouncing Souls, is available to pre-order here.