Billy Idol “The Cage” Review

Billy Idol
The Cage
Released: September 23, 2022

Rock royalty Billy Idol is back with a new EP named The Cage, releasing through BMG.

They say you can’t keep a good dog down, and artists like the legendary Billy Idol keep on proving that statement true. With The Cage, his second EP in less than a year, Idol is still as fun and relevant as ever and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Not yet – probably never.

Like on 2021’s The Roadside, Idol continues to deliver superb, energetic numbers that are both catchy and memorable.

Further proof that age can’t cull attitude resides within The Cage – with fresh new songs that send a mental image of Billy Idol and his snotty, snarled lip despite all the time that has passed since the days of White Wedding or Rebel Yell – the songs that built his legacy. Still leather-clad, still rebellious and stomping his jack boots about stages across the globe – Idol is truly a timeless commodity, and one that the rock world still greatly needs. I, for one, am grateful to still have new Billy Idol releases to listen to.

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With just four tracks and a fifteen minute running time, Billy Idol again keeps his new output quick and to the point. Kicking off with Cage, a powerful and personal track about not giving in. A head nodding banger with all the elements that have made Billy Idol the king of the hill through all these years.

I could seriously picture Ghost covering Running From The Ghost – not just because the band’s moniker is in the title, but because the track itself is what the band Ghost has been thriving on reproducing on recent records. That beautiful 80s rock sound – it just never ages. A lot like the timeless Idol himself, actually. A solid and fun track, that features a pulsating drum beat, fabulous guitar work – and of course the brilliant vocals of Billy Idol. Instantly consumable and ready to incite a sing-a-long.

Lyrically, Running From The Ghost feels like a personal statement – running from the end, from the ghost. But if Idol’s health is as vibrant as the song itself, then we will have Idol around for a long time yet.

On Rebel Like You, a toe-tapping number that throws back to 80s pop in brilliant fashion – to a time when pop music had substance and grit. Still rockin’, just heavy enough to earn it a rock n’ roll tag. Just enough motorcycle revving in the background to keep it on par with the rest of his discography. And fun. Most importantly – Idol is still fun.

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Finishing off with Miss Nobody, Idol ventures into a rhythmic pop rock cum Motown beat that at times is reminiscent of The Black Keys – mainly in the chorus. This is a feel-good track, that it catches you dancing uncontrollably just rocking to the vibe. The culmination of the three tracks that came before it, with a little jazz, a touch of the blues, a helping of that good good Motown beat – sonic brilliance. One thing is for sure, Billy Idol has still got it, and hopefully these EP’s keep on coming.

Pre-orders of The Cage are available now – with a Compact Disc version, a red vinyl and an autographed black vinyl version too. There’s digital versions too if that’s your kink. Order here.

For Fans Of: The Cult, The Black Keys, Ghost
Track Listing:

01. Cage
02. Running From The Ghost
03. Rebel Like You
04. Miss Nobody

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