Elder Abuse “Take It Easy” Review

Elder Abuse
“Take It Easy”
Little Rocket Records
Released : November 27,2020

Winnipeg, the frozen tundra of Canada, has gifted us with new music from Elder Abuse. Let us rejoice. (Not to be confused with California’s Elderly Abuse)

With their new EP, Take It Easy, Elder Abuse break the silence with their first new release since 2017’s debut full-length, Burnt.  The first track of the batch, features guest vocals from Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners. The title-track benefits from Cresswell’s passage, and is otherwise a feel-good romp with a late 90s feel to it. The song borrows slightly from the first wave of Emo, too, thus creating a smooth listening and energetic piece of music.

This is a formula that is present the rest of the way too. With a combined playing time of just under nine minutes, Elder Abuse leave its audience craving more. Morning Song, the second track, has a happy vibe about it. I’ll wake up with the sun, starts singer Alex Guidy. Creating a peaceful ambiance which the lads then fill in with feel-good melodies and driving drumming. Ending off with Bored, a song that doesn’t match its title. It seems the works of groups like Samiam and Jaw Breaker are on heavy rotation in Winnipeg. For good reason.

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The three new songs on Take It Easy are the band’s observations from this current apocalyptic-style world we’re living in with various narratives touching on a few different topics. Like getting older to more personal topics speaking on navigating their mental health. The times we are living in, are unfortunately a perfect breeding ground for mental health issues. Government restrictions, curfews and the lingering threat of death. Botched cures and vaccinations. Separation from friends and family. And, of course, the decimation of the arts. Live music and its unknown future.

Although Elder Abuse is the combined talents of several veteran acts from across Manitoba, they aren’t exactly treading new ground. Pulling together members from Daggermouth, Ceilings, Waster, Nice Cops and Louser. Their approach here, is seemingly to continue cooking with tried and tested ingredients. On one hand, the old adage of if it ain’t broke comes to mind. On the other, the desire to see where these lads could extend the genre peeks my thoughts. Still, Elder Abuse are a fairly young band. Wait. That sounds funny. Anyway. Elder Abuse, a relatively new band to the Pop punk scene, still have much time to cement a legacy of their own.

These new songs are available as a digital release only. Meaning that there isn’t a physical copy ready to add to your music collection. Sadly. Maybe one will be pressed in the future. For now, copies can be obtained from the bands bandcamp page.

For Fans Of : Samiam, The Flatliners, Bowling For Soup
Track Listing :

01. Take It Easy (feat. Chris Cresswell)
02. Morning Song
03. Bored