The 199th Montreal Saint-Patrick’s Day parade a roaring success

March 17, 2024 – Montreal, Quebec
The 199th Montreal Saint-Patrick’s Day parade was a roaring success

It takes a whole lot to damped Irish spirits and early morning rainfall never stood a chance of derailing the 199th running on Montreal’s Saint-Patrick’s day parade – which this year fell on the actually date of the celebration.

In fact, over the past two centuries, the only thing that has been able to stop the parade was the global covid pandemic. Not even the first or second world wars come stop Irish boots from pounding the Montreal pavements, and while this is the 199th running of the parade; technically – it was also the 200th anniversary of the parade too. Although, those celebrations will have to wait for next year’s edition.

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With yet more major road works going on along the parades usual Sainte-Catherine Street route, the festivities were a little higher up on the map this year. Instead, the Saint-Patrick’s parade marched up Fort, past Sainte-Catherine Street and along De Maisonneuve boulevard. While this route also ran into major construction and road works at the corner of McGill, which is so typically Montreal, walking down Sainte-Catherine Street is practically impossible.

The change of scenery was well appreciated though, as it gave some of the more historical areas of the city a chance to be celebrated. Buildings such as Concordia university for example, as well as the now iconic mural of Montreal’s native son Leonard Cohen who seem to gaze down upon the festivities in an approving manor.


Any threat of rain had washed away by the time noon rolled around, and there were even moments of sunshine as Spring hinted at its most welcomed return. While the skies may have been grey, the streets shone brightly, awash in wave after wave of green-clad pedestrians who turned out for the event.

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The United Irish Society Of Montreal will now have a full calendar year to plot and plan something special for next year’s edition, as surely an anniversary as grand as two centuries is something worth celebration – and if the Irish know how to do but one thing; it’s throw a party!