The Exploited cancel tour as singer falls ill on stage

Columbia – December 11, 2022

Scottish Punk legends The Exploited will have to have to cancel the rest of their tour as singer falls ill on stage.

Wattie Buchan, the famed frontman of The Exploited collapsed on stage last night, while performing in front of a nine-hundred concert goers. It is suspected that Buchan, now 65 years of age, may have suffered a heart attack while on stage. Buchan slumped down to his knees while singing, and was immediately surrounded by his band mates who instantly recognized that something was amiss. While the singer was rushed to a nearby hospital, the fans refused to leave the venue until news of the famed frontman broke out.

This is now the second time that Buchan has collapsed on stage, while the first came in Portugal in 2014 after suffering a heart attack.

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The Exploited had been making way around South America, playing shows in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Colombia prior to this unfortunate circumstance. The band has released a statement on social media about the incident, and the news seems positive.

“Yesterday, December 10, 2022 during the end of the set Wattie collapsed on stage in Bogota, Columbia and was rushed into hospital by ambulance,” the statement read. “Thankfully Wattie is feeling better now and is resting in a hotel in Bogota. We hope to be able to return safely home to the UK tomorrow. Due to doctor’s orders all remaining shows for 2022 have been cancelled, including tonight’s performance in Cali, Colombia. We apologize to the fans, promoters and everyone affected by this situation. Thank you for understanding.”

“Also our London show on the December 16 will also be cancelled. Once again we are sorry about this but Wattie is exhausted and told to cancel all up coming gigs for this year.”

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The Exploited were once scrutinized for a riot that took place following the cancellation of a concert that was to take place in Montreal, in October of 2003. The culprit was a visa issue that kept the band from crossing the border from the United States into Canada. Seven people were arrested during the rioting that saw eight cars overturned and set on fire and rioters smashed the windows of more than forty-two cars, including six police vehicles. In addition, nearly a dozen local businesses were vandalized or otherwise damaged.

Our thoughts are with Wattie – get well soon!