Mural Fest announces some of its guests for 2024

photo: Kieron Yates achieves
April 4, 2024 – Montreal
Mural fest has begun announcing guests for its upcoming event

Montreal’s famed Mural festival has begun to name some of its invitees that will be coming to the city of the 12th edition of the festival.

The annual urban art festival that features street art, graffiti artists and live music has become a cultural staple that is now world renowned, and part of the ever impressive range of parties that bring summers in Montreal to vibrant life.

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Osheen Siva, a Goa-based multidisciplinary artist from Tamil Nadu, creates a new mythology that celebrates differences and challenges preconceptions. Inspired by Indian mythology and Dalit futurism, Osheen blends past and future to show their convergence, modifying narratives to question caste. Their work, in Tamil, imagines a harmonious, inclusive future, using mutation and hybridity as tools of rebellion.

Snikr, a Montreal graffiti artist, is known for her chiaroscuro characters. A member of the Style Over Statues collective, she creates murals across Canada. With over 18 years’ experience, she has contributed to the evolution of Canada’s urban art scene and to the support of underprivileged communities. Her dynamic and versatile style, combining illustration techniques and striking compositions, is reflected in her large-scale murals, which capture the energy and essence of life.

Argentine muralist Milu Correch creates captivating murals inspired by Buenos Aires street art. Her unique style blends traditional and modern techniques, creating colorful narrative scenes. Convinced that art should provoke reflection and reverie, her works bring the world’s walls to life. Her production for Mural will depict the legend of Rose Latulippe, expressing a powerful message through a dancer who seems to float, capturing the magic of an ancient tale.

Born in 1988 in Palo Alto, ARYZ is an artist originally from California. His artistic career began in the 2000s with graffiti, focusing on Barcelona’s abandoned spaces. Although he didn’t finish his art studies, Aryz became famous for his murals all over the world. In 2019, he decided to reduce his mural interventions to concentrate on his studio work. His artistic practice includes painting, etching, monotype and silkscreen.

Born in 1980 in Kiev, Aleksei Bordusov, known as Aec Interesni Kazki, is a Ukrainian artist famous for his vibrant, mysterious murals. Inspired by science, religion and mythology, his works are full of color and detail. He started out in the 1990s as a graffiti artist, then formed the duo Interesni Kazki with Waone, known for their unique style blending science fiction and Ukrainian culture. After their split in 2016, Aec continued to develop his style, focusing on colors, shades and shapes.

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Escif, born in Valence in 1980, has been a renowned muralist and street artist since the 90s. His art aims to redefine the city by emphasizing life over art. His murals, characterized by clean lines and simple colors, address contemporary struggles, resistance, capitalism and the environment. He has completed international projects and exhibited in renowned museums, underlining his significant contribution to contemporary urban art.

Stay tuned for more announcements to come for the upcoming 12th edition of Mural fest that will take place between June 6 to 16th, 2024.