For the second year running, Montreal will be deprived of Carifiesta

April 5, 2024 – Montreal
For the second year running, Montreal will be deprived of Carifiesta

For the second year running, the streets of Montreal will be deprived of the wonderfully colorful celebration that is the Carifiesta parade, say the parade organizers on their social media pages.

One of  Montreal’s most colorful and exciting parades, featuring everything from steel-pan bands to participants dressed in costumes made of colourful feathers and bouncing fiberglass rods. Carifiesta is a tradition born of slavery in Trinidad and Tobago, when French colonial masters hosted masquerade balls three days before Ash Wednesday. Slaves got a day off and mimicked their masters at their own parties, a tradition that morphed into Trinidad’s famed Carnival.

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The official statement posted to the Carifiesta Montreal facebook page read as follows:

“It is with disappointment that we must inform you of the unfortunate news that despite our relentless efforts, we have not been granted the permit for this year’s Carifiesta Parade. This news comes as a letdown to us, especially considering our longstanding contributions to this vibrant event over the years.

We have always cherished the opportunity to produce the Carifiesta Parade, as it not only allows us to celebrate our culture and heritage but also provides us with a platform to come together as a community and share our joy of Montreal Carnival with others. Carifiesta has been a source of pride for us, and we were eagerly looking forward to yet another memorable experience this year.

However, despite our best efforts and dedication, circumstances beyond our control have led to the denial of our permit application. While we may be disheartened by this setback, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting and uplifting our community in any way we can.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest congratulations to the organizers who have been awarded the permit. We wish them the best of luck in their endeavor and hope that they can create a vibrant and successful event.”

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While there is still hope that the parade and festivities return for next year, the Caribbean community of Montreal is saddened by the rejection of permits that would have seen the 47th annual running of the event. Surely there is room for such a beautiful parade that brightens the concrete streets of the metropolis.

Do better Montreal.